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Welcome to the tickets section of the Spurs Collectables website.

This section contains examples of the tickets which can be found in the Spurs Collectables magazine.
Season ticket 1938/39 Celtic v Tottenham Hotspur
Sat 5 Aug 1967
Challenge Match Ipswich Town v Tottenham Hotspur
Sat 29 Dec 1962
League Division One (postponed) Norwich City v Tottenham Hotspur
Wed 18 Feb 1959
FA Cup 5th Round Replay Tottenham Hotspur v FA XI
Sat 12 Aug 1961
Charity Shield Tottenham Hotspur v Ipswich Town
Sat 19 Aug 2000
FA Premiership Tottenham Hotspur v Feyenoord
Tue 17 Oct 1972
Goodbye Greaves Match West Ham United v Tottenham Hotspur
Mon 4 Dec 1978
Billy Bonds Testimonial